Activated carbon is known to remove all the impurities in the water such as chlorine, pesticides, organic compounds, etc. A bed of activated carbon is used to remove contaminants from wastewater. It also improves the taste of water and makes it safe to reuse by removing all the toxic materials. Activated carbon also removes smell from water giving it a fresh feel.

SPAN Hydrotech Pvt Ltd offers Activated Carbon pellets and powder for air and water filtration. Granular activated carbon is also available for adsorbed filter systems, pressure vessels and more. Activated carbon filters are assigned depending on the type of water to be treated, and factors like:

  • Suspended solids concentration
  • Presence of oil and grease
  • COD
  • BOD
  • Pesticides contents

Activated carbon works on the principle of adsorption. The extremely porous surface of the activated carbon bed attracts and holds onto contaminants and allows the clean water to pass through. In a way the two major mechanisms involved are filtration and adsorption.

Activated carbon is made up of different materials such as Bituminous Coal, Lignite Coal, Coconut Shell, Wood Charcoal, and more. There are different types of activated carbon filters each having unique advantages. For instance, coconut shell activated carbon filters are used in water filter purifiers. The activated carbon filters vary in size and is designed based on the requirement of the client. The life of the filter depends on the amount of work it has to do. For instance, for pesticide removal, the life of an activated carbon filter can be up to 10 years. The lifetime depends on the usage  of the filter and its maintenance. Based on the requirements, type and size of activated carbon beds can differ.