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We offer a wide range of Aeration Equipment that includes aerators for oxidation of dissolved iron, mechanical aerators for pond aeration, and diffused air systems for biological treatment. All of the aeration equipment offered by Span Hydrotech Pvt Ltd. is designed keeping in mind the specific needs of our customers. This makes our product highly favoured in the market.

Aeration is a process which provides dissolved oxygen to micro-organisms present in the wastewater to degrade or convert organic waste into carbon dioxide and water. Aeration equipment works on BOD and sludge accumulation technique which involves the following phases.

Phase 1 – Microbes adapt to the environment, and store nutrients for growth. BOD reduction is observed.

Phase 2 – Rapid growth of bacteria, faster removal of BOD, high requirement of oxygen

Phase 3 – End of growth phase and start of cell autolysis

Phase 4 – Low oxygen leads to cell destruction

Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a reliable indicator of odour offensiveness from organic wastes including animal manure. Aeration equipment controls the odour emission by reducing BOD. The more amount of BOD reduced, the more controlled is the odour of the treated water.

In addition, Aeration treatment to wastewater offers the following benefits.

  • High rate treatment offered to smaller scale systems
  • Final output contains balanced quantities of Oxygen
  • Presence of aerobic environment destroys pathogens present in the wastes

Aeration equipment improves the quality of water and wastewater and reduces the operational expenses of the industries in doing so. Municipal facilities use aeration equipment to clean ponds, lakes and reservoirs for algae and odour control.

We offer economical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable wastewater treatment solutions that are highly customizable as per client needs.