Filtration is a process of treating wastewater by allowing it to pass through a filter that is capable of removing all toxic materials, organic compounds, and other contaminants. The presence of impurities makes the water unfit for use. Filtration treats the wastewater and recycles it for other purposes.

Several industries are using the conventional filtration equipment. SPAN Hydrotech Pvt Ltd. offers Conventional Filtration Equipment which includes gravity filter and pressure filter systems and equipment, cartridge filters and filter housings, filter media, arsenic media, greensand, and packaged water plants.

The conventional water treatment includes processes like coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection which provides clean and safe drinking water. This is the most widely used method of conventional water treatment applied publicly.

The filtration system consists of filters with varied sizes of pores, and is often made up of sand, gravel, and charcoal. Slow filtration ensures that the resultant water is clean and fit for reuse.