We manufacture and supply Demineralization Plants that are used in various industries for water purification. Manufactured using quality raw material, this plant is appreciated by the clients for sturdy construction, simple installation and efficient performance

Demineralization is defined as the process of removing mineral salts from water with the help of ion exchange process. The resultant effluent is free of any dissolved minerals. The combination of following processes results in demineralized water:

  • Distillation – Initial separation of components based on different boiling points
  • Deionization – Frees any ionic contaminants
  • Membrane Filtration – Filters solid materials
  • Electrodialysis – Separates based on movement of ions
  • Other related technologies

Our plants are available in different capacities and varied MOC to deal with different loads and requirement of industries. SHPL provides plants based on ion exchange resins for softening, De-alkalization and De-mineralization of water. These are available in MS, SS and FRP and can be made available withmanual or automatic mode of operation. The auto operated plants can work on OBR principle or conductivity of treated water. In cascade-type plants the same can be controlled through microprocessor / PLC based controller.


  • Easy to install
  • Simple to operate
  • Complete with regeneration equipment & control


Benefits of a Demineralization(DM) plant:

  • Wide range of cost-effective standard models
  • User-friendly, low maintenance and easy to install
  • Simpler distribution and collection systems
  • Quick availability
  • EnsuresRust-free components
  • Highly economical and durable


The demineralization plant is used in various industries textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, breweries, swimming pools, potable water, hospitals, fertilizers, automobiles. SPAN Hydrotech Pvt Ltd offers excellent quality demineralization plant manufactured through technically advanced process.