SpanHydrotech Pvt Ltd. offers Liquid andVapour Phase Odour Control Equipment which includes a wide range of components such as air strippers, aerators, chemical scrubbers, de-gasifiers, biological odour control, carbon adsorption towers, emergency vapour scrubbers, liquid addition, and chemical supply.

Generally, the wastewater treatment isefficient enough to remove contaminants from water; however, they remain inefficient in treating issues related to odour. The processed liquid or gases have an unpleasant smellwhich can cause distress to the surroundings. Based on the data collected from your site, we offer you one or more odour control equipment that iscapable of treating the liquid and vapour phase odour at the site.

SpanHydrotech Pvt Ltd. offers specialized liquid phase odour control equipment that controls odour and removes the corrosion-causing agents during the wastewater treatment. The equipment comes handy to control odour in areas where the water is collected. Our equipment ishighly customizable based on the requirement of the client and the site.

We also offer specialized vapour phase odour control equipment that not only controls the odour but also prevents the emission of toxic gases in drinking water. Chlorine, although beneficial, can have adverse effects in cases of excess release in drinking water because of the formation of hypochlorous acid and hypochlorites.