We offer Raw Water Treatment Plant which is widely used across industries for water purification purposes. These are used to purify the impure water using pressure difference of membranes mechanism. Our plant can also be customized as per the application requirements of our clients.

Industries generally use raw water for most of their processes. This water must be treated to ensure that no contamination or pathogens enter the final product during manufacturing. The makes the process efficient and offers a high-quality product. An effective raw water treatment can result in:

  • Lower plant downtime
  • Saving on maintenance fees
  • Higher product sales
  • Well-managed turbidity and flow of the water
  • Adjustable variations in water chemistry requirements
  • Maintains water quality

Raw water treatment can be simply defined as a system made up of several technologies which are targeted toaddress the raw water treatment needs. This system consists of various components that majorly depend on what quality of water needs to be treated and what is the expected water quality as output. Hence, the plant is highly customizable. In general, the system consists of the following components:

1.Chemical Feed – Facilitates the coagulation or flocculation of any suspended solids

2.Clarifier – Settles down the larger solids

3.Filter – Removes the small particles

4.Control Panel – Manages the system

Our raw water treatment plant is capable of removing suspended and colloidal solids, silica, iron, bacteria, and excess hardness. The plant uses techniques like coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection to make the water reusable as per environmental standards. In addition, every day the water is tested for numerous parameters by our various on-line monitoring process instruments. This helps us to monitor the water quality consistently. Some of the parameters includes, turbidity, alkalinity, hardness, pH, Dissolved Oxygen and more.