Sewage is an unique form of waste that can be easily recycled and used for various purposes that include gardening, toilet flushing, car washing, and more. Unfortunately, more than 60% of the sewage goes untreated which is causing harm to the environment. Due to this, government and private entities are focusing on waste management through recycling sewage treatment plants.

SpanHydrotech Pvt Ltd. is engaged in providing an effective range of Recycling Sewage Treatment Plants that helps in meeting the growing demands for waste water recycling. These products are used extensively to remove various suspended and colloidal impurities present in the wastewater. In addition, the chemical and biochemical oxygen demand of the effluent is also reduced. The wastewater recycling performed by our recycling sewage treatment plant, involves various physical, chemical, biological and membrane/ion-exchange processes.

The activities involved are –


  • Innovative wastewater management
  • Planning, designing and construction of Sewer system and wastewater treatment systems
  • Preliminary and final sewer including pump station design and construction services
  • Septic system management programs
  • Operation and maintenance services and system start-up

The objectives of a recycling sewage treatment plant is to improve water quality, promote sustainable use of water resources, and protecting the environment from wastewater contamination.

Our sewage treatment plants are highly customizable according to the needs of our clients. Our satisfied list of clientele includeshousing societies, municipal corporations, multiplexes and malls, SEZs, hospitals and hotels. Our plants are completely automated and can be installed in no time.