The presence of oil in the wastewater is very common, since most of the industrial effluents contain oil and grease to a large extent. However, removing oil from wastewater increases the load on effluent treatment plants. Since the oil is mixed with sewage, it is difficult to use the biological ETPs for treating the wastewater as well. Chemical effluent treatment plants are very expensive, especially for industries that produce less effluents.

In order to treat this type of wastewater, specialized environmental friendly Oil separation plants are manufactured by Span Hydrotech Pvt Ltd. It separates oil, grease, and organic molecules from the wastewater, effectively making the water reusable. It is a popular choice widely preferred by the industries across all sectors.

In this process, there is a membrane that filters the wastewater. The substances that do not penetrate the membrane are called as ‘Reject’. Whereas, the water-like molecules that pass through the membrane are called as ‘Permeate’. More than 30% – 50% of oily components can be easily separated from the water. The remaining components can be removed by treating the water to other ETPs.

The oil separator performance is superior to other gravity coalescing units for the separation of dispersed oil and settleable solids. Effluent concentrations of dispersed oil are less than 10 mgL-1. The oil separators are half the volume and as little as 1/5 the length of straight gravity separators. The separators are available in standard model with capacities from 300 lit/hr to 120cum/hr.

The separator vessel in oil water separators is made up of carbon steel which is corrosion-resistant. Apart from carbon steel, the vessels are also made up of aluminium, stainless steel, or corrosion-resistant plastic.

Oil water separators work best for oil & gas industries. On a daily basis, ships tend to produce oil and water mixture which can be easily separated using the Oil Water separators provided by ouroil and water separation systems. In addition, these separators work well in mining industries, mining wash bays, railway wash bays, petroleum refineries, service stations, power stations, railway workshops, and mechanical workshops. Here are some more industry sectors where the oil water separation plants can be used effectively.

  • Steel scrap yards
  • Bilge & ballast treatment applications
  • Auto salvage yards
  • Primary treatment for industrial nylon plants
  • Fragrance and flavour manufacturers
  • Solvent plants
  • Paper plants
  • Food plants and bakeries
  • Automotive and auto dealerships
  • Transportation
  • Groundwater treatment
  • Electric utility sub-stations and electric utility power plants
  • Metalworking plants
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Various OEM applications