We offer a robust Zero Liquid Discharge System that is widely used across various industries to remove contaminants from the wastewater, providing a solid cake of waste and recovering water that can further be used for other process applications.

The Zero Liquid Discharge System utilisesadvanced level water treatment processes that are capable of limiting the discharge of liquid waste. In this case, the components of the system will depend on the following factors.

  • Amount of dissolved material present in the waste
  • The required flow rate of the system
  • Types of contaminants present

The basic principle for zero discharge plant is to concentrate the impurities in the effluent either by reverse osmosis/nanofiltration/evaporation and drying the concentrated effluent in flakier dryer/spray or dryer/incinerator combinations. Generally, the following components are present in the Zero Liquid Discharge System.

  1. Clarifier – Removes metal, hardness, silica
  2. Chemical Feed – Separates metals and suspended solids through precipitation, flocculation, or coagulation
  3. Filter Press – Removes secondary solid wastes
  4. Ultrafiltration – Removes leftover traces of suspended solids
  5. Reverse Osmosis – Removes dissolved solids from water
  6. Brine concentrators – Removes leftovers from electrodialysis
  7. Evaporator – Vaporises excess water
  8. Crystallizer – Removes any remaining liquid, providing a solid form of waste


We build zero liquid discharge STP for various industries using modern technologies and components mentioned above. Based on the plant’s requirements, the components can be altered. Such modularitymakes the system more customizable.

There are numerous benefits associated with choosing a Zero Liquid Discharge system:

  • Lowered costs of waste management as waste volume decreases
  • Water is recycled, thereby lowering the cost of water acquisition for industrial processes
  • Improved environmental performance
  • A lower number of trucks required, as off-site waste disposal is reduced