Span Hydrotech Pvt Ltd. offers Zero Discharge For ETP. The synergisticgrowth in industrialization and globalization has led to industrial growth; however, it has also increased the discharge of an enormous quantity of effluent, causing irreversible damage to the environment. However, to overcome this, zero discharge guidelines need to be followed by various industries like pharma, chemical, textile, distilleries, and more.

Zero Discharge is a process of wastewater treatment in which all of the wastewater is purified and recycled, ensuring there is zero liquid discharge. The waste is released in the form of a solid cake which can be used for other purposes like biofuels and fertilizers.

We manufacture and supply zero discharge ETPs to various industries using modern technologies like reverse osmosis, multi-effect evaporation, and incineration. The basic principle for zero discharge plant is to concentrate the impurities in the effluent either by reverse osmosis/nanofiltration/evaporation and drying the concentrated effluent in flakier dryer/sprayer dryer/incinerator combinations.

The selection of technology is based on the type of effluent, available excess steam at the site, cost of treatment and capital cost required for the project. The plants are designed individually after pilot trials at our research and development centre. We understand the requirements of the client and the resources at the site and manufacture the plant accordingly. All of the Zero Discharge ETPs are highly customizable, and the components are all high-quality.

The overall motive is not only to moderate theeffluent released but also to ensure that the wastage is negligible. By consuming resources present in our environment, we must conserve the environment and offer only the safe resources back to the surroundings.