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Zero Liquid Discharge is the new top of the line wastewater recovery system that guarantees virtually total water reuse in your facility.
Span Zero Liquid discharge system is the best solution in areas where cost of procuring water is very high.

The Power of Zero.

The Span Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system helps you to stay ahead of regulations by ensuring no effluent release from your facility. With stringent regulatory changes by the day, our ZLD systems free you from worries for a long time to come.

Unmatched Convenience

Very Convenient

Easy to operate.

Easy operation.

Easier to understand.

We design your zero discharge system keeping ease of use as a priority. Along with easy usage, it is also important to us that you can understand the plant working easily to reduce the information gap and increase transparency.
Our water treatment control panels and plant systems are extremely simple simple, yet very powerful. The perfect balance between ease of use and functionality makes the Span water treatment plants a unique offering.
All Span equipment undergoes numerous strict quality checks before becoming a part of your water and wastewater treatment system

Quality Construction

We double down on toughness.

We build your Span ZLD system with the choicest of membranes and evaporators. They can handle the heaviest of wastewater loads and maintain the desired treated water quality effortlessly. Our designs prevent unwanted settling of the corrosive wastewater. The superior anti-corrosion formula protects your equipment from the destructive action of the sewage. Now you can recover maximum water with Span ZLD solution.

Quality at great price

Literally zero liquid discharge.

And a hero on cost savings.

We help water-heavy industries to reduce the water footprint through our ingenious consultation for strategic water conservation. This leads to significant cost-savings over the lifetime of plant operation, all the while ensuring regulatory compliance.
All Span water and wastewater treatment systems work great as standalone systems. They are even powerful when used together.

Works great on its own...

The Span ZLD system can use your existing treated wastewater as a source for the zero-discharge process. Quality membranes provide you with the exact water quality that you want. Online monitoring capability provides you with crucial water recovery data at your fingertips.

…Even smarter with Span.

Your bespoke ZLD fits perfectly into the Span ecosystem and works seamlessly in combination with sewage and effluent treatment plants. The Span-Smart dashboard takes plant automation to the next level using real-time analytics. Use the ZLD in conjunction with the Span ETP and STP range to get maximum return on investment.

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We can tailor-make you a Zero Liquid Discharge system that suits to your exact needs. Please describe your requirement and we will get back to you within the next 2 working days.